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proud owners of piece of s??? bikes
09/28/09, 2:13 pm
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i really wanted the new pink bike but found out it didn’t have any gears, so ending up with these two crappy bikes.  they will do the trick and we will sell them back when we leave.  paul had a hard time with annelies in tow!

another sunny saturday in amsterdam brought us to the free ferry behind central station.  we floated over to this stylish warehouse with a restaurant.  annelies was a bit in shock with the size of her tuna sandwich.

we met up with her friends fatemeh and jeroen and stopped by their flat on the way home.  she is ready to have a baby any day…i loved her bedroom so much i had her pose for a pic.  plus they had a white sofa, i love their style and lived for a moment vicariously through them.

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paul at picnic
09/26/09, 10:12 pm
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paultaking pics

picnic part 2.3
09/26/09, 10:03 pm
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picnic is a very innovative event that is like no other.  my head is spinning with ideas to make my events more creative.


picnic part 2.2
09/26/09, 9:58 pm
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here are some of the things i heard from speakers:

when the economy is down you need to have a lot more confidence.

#1 thing, just make/do something cool.

keep going, even though things are looking dark.

look local, set up satellite locations anywhere.

heros are mentors you can look up to.

it is not a dog eat dog world. there is enough for everybody to go around, in the end, dogs don’t eat dogs.

entrepreneurship is not a job it is a lifestyle that is with you all the time.

start things when the market is down, that is when you can build.

younger entrepreneurs are thinking a lot more green than older one’s.

build a green company with a profitably objective so you can keep re-investing in a green initiative.

be big, passionate and bright.


picnic part 2
09/26/09, 9:47 pm
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whew, what a whirlwind of the last three days.  picnic is a world class operation with a twist.  so happy to have experienced it from the inside out.  the venue was fantastic, spread out in several 100 year old buildings with style.


what women want
09/26/09, 11:14 am
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our first houseguest annelies.  she lived on queen anne by us for 3 years and brought crave party to the netherlands after hanging out with me when i first started crave.  we went to a party put on by marketing and communication org) called what women want. met melissa from crave utrecht and athalie from haarlem.   everyone wore red.  i don’t own one red thing so i went to bijenkorf the main dept. store and hunted for red leggings and this is what i came up with.   the highlight was… after the party was over we were surprised by infinity (the sponsor)  they drove us home in a $100,000 car!

IMG_0130IMG_0128IMG_0131IMG_0134IMG_0123IMG_0132 copy

picnic experience
09/25/09, 7:53 pm
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getting up at 6:30am for the last three days on top of jetlag has been an experience.  it was all worth it and had a great time at picnic.  lounging in the fat boy’s at the microsoft pod, sporting my i amsterdam t-shirt and did you notice the new header!  went on the web popularity ride and the big bonus was working with the famous chee and her volunteer staff.  ATTENTION to detail is all i can say.  more pics of picnic and my take-aways in the next post.