Craving Amsterdam

first day in amsterdam
09/21/09, 10:48 pm
Filed under: amsterdam street fashion, apartment, out and about, picnic

after schlepping too much luggage, we broke down and paid for a taxi from the airport straight to our apartment.  the minute the taxi got to the city i had a feeling i just can’t explain.   everything is different but it feels familiar at the same time.  i love our hood, it is just out of tourist range so we feel like we really are living with the locals.  got our phone number with sim cards working, wifi worked instantly (thank you scott) even my iPhone works, seems too easy.   took a nap on our hastens bed (comfy) then forced ourselves to get up and explore the city.  the bike thing is awesome.  love what everyone is wearing while riding.  i even found a ad in the heart of the city.  tomorrow we get bikes and ride to picnic to be trained.  i am heavily involved in helping with the speakers and they just announced paul is the 2nd photographer in charge!  here we go….



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you’re doing it!!!
way happy and proud of you.

Comment by Danielle LaPorte

great to hear from you. miss you.

Comment by Melody

AMAZING!! So happy & excited for you guys. I have a similar dream so it’s really fun to see it come to fruition for someone. Have a blast, can’t wait to read about your adventures! :)

Comment by carrie

what is your similar dream?

Comment by Melody

Amazing! Looks so great! My trigger finger is excited (you know, the one that clicks on the mouse and books my flight)… ;)

Comment by Michele

press it

Comment by Melody

Your trip sounds wonderful with all the sites and a renewing of your visit to your favorite city.

That is great that both of you get to participate in the picnic conference.

Your apartment looks like your modern bent.

Last of all, we miss you already. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures and seeing the sites with you.

Love, Mom & Dad

Comment by dianna biringer

love the words modern bent…

Comment by Melody

You go girl! I’m jealous….have an absolute blast. This blog will definitely help you soak it all in and reflect on it all at the same time. Here’s to new adventures!

Comment by Maria Ross

yeah the blog can be a fun diary

Comment by Melody

Yay! The layout is great – I can’t wait to see more photos from your adventures. What’s the verdict on Uggs, so far? ;) Love to both of you,

Comment by Candice

saw some uggs today. i am not breaking mine out til it gets really cold.

Comment by Melody

You made it! Congrats on making a dream come true. You will be so happy you did this, and I think Amsterdam is going to be glad, too. Keep us posted on what you’re doing.

Comment by Betsy Talbot

can’t wait to read your blog

Comment by Melody

Welcome to our city! love the blog and your enthousiasm. Nice way to realise we live in such an amazing place… funny tho, how I crave to be in So Cal…

see you later, Barb

Comment by barbara

fresh eyes!

Comment by Melody

wahooo! ride like the wind! i can’t believe you’re riding bikes! miss you guys (btw this is your web whiz gal)

Comment by the beast girl

what do you mean you can’t believe we are riding bikes? bought 2 today! i am going to call my next blogpost…bought a piece of s??? bike today.

Comment by Melody

HAHA. I love it. That’s so perfect! “Four wheels driving your wallet nuts? Try two!”

Comment by the beast girl

ok beast girl

Comment by Melody

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