Craving Amsterdam

Random shots and thoughts
10/26/09, 1:28 am
Filed under: out and about


Melody and Cristina under some really big end tables…a canal house…a canal boat (also a house) …a store mannequin…the view  from our bedroom window on a foggy night.


The 15 minute/one hour rule…by bike we can go wherever we want in Amsterdam in 15 minutes and by train, most anywhere in the Netherlands in about an hour.

The value of the $ is at all time low…trying to teach Melody to live on a budget.

The Dutch don’t close their curtains…their domestic life is on view at all hours.

“Central Station” is a much used, and useful term for location and destinations.

The Dutch grow up on wheels and never stop.  For us, bikes as the main means of transportation feels like a regression to junior high.

The whole country is flat…the only view is across the street.

There’s a lot of graffiti, but its considered art…there’s no gangs marking territory.

After about 8:30 pm a bunch of  U.S. TV shows and movies come on in English…even Letterman.

New sounds: church bells and bike bells

People everywhere have spoken Dutch to us from day 1…We don’t look like tourists!!!


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