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speaking at the new business school/amsterdam
10/27/09, 10:06 pm
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another perk from attending the expatica fair last weekend was i met Suzy Oge! the brains behind Womens Business Initiative in the hague.  she teaches at the new business school amsterdam on entrepreneurship.  when we met up she immediately asked me to speak to her class about my business experience.  i jumped at the opportunity.

so this morning we jumped on the bikes and headed over to the school.  i gotta tell you i am still not used to this bike thing for normal daily life, but i LOVE it!!  we got there in less than 15 minutes and parked at the front door.  whisked hair, patted off cheeks and applied lip gloss and i was ready to rock.

what a fun bunch of very savvy, trendy students.  i just launched into my life story of starting several businesses and not always succeeding, but one thing always lead into another. and then came CRAVE.   it was so much fun talking about the fact i am bringing the CRAVE company to amsterdam now!!!!  it felt surreal after talking about it for 8 years.

i was surprised that no-one in the room was on twitter, so we had a discussion about social media (what else is new?)  seems like the conversation always turns to social media no matter what subject we start with wherever i go.

one student asked me if i considered moving into Shanghai because the asian market is wanting to be like americans.  i thanked him for the awesome idea!

overall no one went to sleep and no one was on their laptops or texting while i was talking so i figured i somewhat interested them.

IMG_5295 IMG_5298 IMG_5286-2 IMG_5184


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Melody, Your talk was an amazing surprise! I invited you on a hunch that you would have an interesting story to tell, but the tale of your entrepreneurial adventures blew me away! The students were still buzzing (in their own way) about your talk at the end of a long day. They are now craving their own party businesses! Thanks for spontaneously accepting my invitation, Suzy

Comment by Suzy

i feel honored to have shared my story and am so happy to have sparked any kind of enthusiasm.

Comment by Melody

MISS MELODY! You continue to amaze and impress me. I am so proud to know you. I think you are incredible and so damn smart. You’re the bomb-chika-bomb!

Comment by Alison Covarrubias

Awesome job, you radiated entrepreneurism in there.

Comment by Edo van Royen

thanks for your comment! really enjoyed being there.

Comment by Melody

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