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Melody Biringer and Paul Butterfield have been dreaming about living in Amsterdam for over 8 years.  Finally, after clearing their schedule for Fall 2009, the dream is coming true.

In 2001 we stopped in A’dam on the way home from a 3-week trip in France.  Everyone spoke English to us, and we were served low-fat yogurt for breakfast.  I felt like i was home!  (Especially after a few weeks of fatty dairy and croissants!) We knew we wanted to return to explore more.

A few years later, we returned for Queens Day—everybody in the world should experience Queens Day once in their life.  “WOW” is the only word to describe it.  Everyone in the city (and all of Holland) wears orange for the day, there is a band on every canal, and the largest flea market we have ever seen.  After walking the entire city for 9 hours, we were hooked.

The mixture of old and new, and the creativity in architecture and design, give us inspiration like we have never experienced before.  We want more.

We are so excited to spend this season exploring the city and meeting new people.  And Paul will be shooting pics as fast as he can for his  show titled “Amsterdam” he will have at Muse Coffee on Queen Anne when we return.

Looking forward to:

Stroopwaffels, Poffertjes, meeting cool people doing cool things, those big greasy German-type pancakes, the Picnic festival, flea markets, having bikes as our only transportation, photography exhibits, frites with a variety of dipping sauces, day trips on the train, inspiring women to start their own businesses, the loft we are staying in, learning a few Dutch words, shopping at the farmer’s market for dinner, buying a pair of vintage glasses, capturing the mood of Amsterdam on film, and time out of our normal life.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Comment by dianna biringer

Melody, I had no idea you’d be keeping a blog while you were in Amsterdam — but the second I clicked over here from FB, I thought: Of course!

Love it, girl – you’re making what you want come true!

Comment by Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades

Dear Melody,

My name is Jim Bowes. Stephanie Ward sent me a mail about you and I would really like to met you while you are in Amsterdam.
As a northern California boy (Humboldt County) I know how you feel when it comes to falling in love with Amsterdam. I came 18 years ago and never went home. I just couldn’t think of a better place to live! You are not alone! Many of us Americans have come, fallen in love and stayed.

I have a socially and environmentally responsible company that is the direct result of my living in the Netherlands. I think the social capitalism as I call it, is an inspiration and certainly is a great way to do business.

I hope to meet you at the AABC meeting on the 19th. If not, maybe we could meet up for a cup of coffee somewhere.

Enjoy your stay!
Jim Bowes

Comment by Jim Bowes

Hi Melody, I love your enthusiasm over Amsterdam! We met briefly at the EPWN meeting with Stephanie. Welcome here! There is a lot more for you to explore in the Netherlands that I am sure you will love. I can recommend Carnival in February in Maastricht it is pretty colourful. I remember my first Queens day and as you said it was WOW! I hope we meet again, I am sure we will. Good luck and continue to enjoy.

Comment by Theresa Norris

Dear Melody,

I got the mail of Stephanie Ward. It is a pleasure reading your enthousiasm on Amsterdam. Even though I am Dutch, it feels like a little holiday when going there.
I hope to meet you someday here in The Hague, another city, completely different but I think nice in it’s own way.

Warm regards,

Dymphna Elsink

Comment by Dymphna Elsink

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