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museumnacht…check out the fashion show
11/08/09, 1:10 pm
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got the gang and hit the streets for museumnacht. first stop the hermitage to check out ballet and the fashion show from young designers united. show.

had to sit on the floor, but that was all part of the fun.  the crowds were insane, standing in lines all night going from one place to another.  loved the energy of the evening with everyone biking, walking and tramming around to check out the next cool thing.

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had an inpirational afternoon with the glove queen
11/08/09, 12:36 pm
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ines the glove queen was the first person to follow me on @craveamsterdam and i was hooked from the first click to her website

i call her the glove queen cause…..did you check out her website yet?  you will know immediately why i had to meet her. on my mission to meet cool women in amsterdam this tops the list.  i invited barbara from @fashiontweet to join me to come check out the gloves.

we were so delighted to be invited into her gorgeous amsterdam home and sipped on tea while being enlighted by this women’s fabulous life and story.  the one thing she said that resonated right away…”this is a complicated world and i don’t want to live a complicated life”  she makes all her business decisions based on whatever will not complicate her life.  I LOVED THAT!

she just sells online because wholesale is complicated.  her business model is genius and i can’t wait to spend more time with her.  more to come, since we will be featuring her very soon on our website worldwide!  i have to tell the CRAVE world about INES!

how ’bout those new silver gloves i am sportin!

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united nude
10/22/09, 11:12 pm
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no it is not what you are thinking.  it is a shoe store opening. a really cool one owned half by Rem Koolhaas’s nephew (that is him in the pic with me)  also named Rem Koolhaas.  the architect who designed the seattle library.  this is their first company owned store so everyone came out for it.  when you walk in the stairs reminded me of the NYC Prada store in SoHo.  lots of famous dutch designers, rock stars, media and the “IN” crowd.  now of course i need a pair!

p.s. (paul wants me to tell you these are not his pics..they are from my iPhone)


from the hip at albert cuyp markt
10/15/09, 11:56 pm
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paul doesn’t think he can blatantly take photos of people’s stands at the market so he invented a new style of photography…   from the hip… so they don’t know!  they turned out kinda cool.


twitter is too funny & uggs
10/10/09, 12:23 pm
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back in seattle i wondered if anyone wore uggs in amsterdam (thinking i might sneak mine into my suitcase for those cold cold days) i got a reply from @1andreas saying unfortunately yes.  so i didn’t wear them yesterday to our lunch date at  what a great afternoon. @1andreas is on the team as the amsterdam expert. i fell in love with the site and wanted to meet up for inspiration.  this guy reads 700 blogs from around the world and reports on really cool (that is not the best word) lifestyle stuff that is so innovative.  i asked him to share some of  his favorites with me.  we shall see…

so the really interesting thing is…he found me while searching on twitter for amsterdam and fashion and my tweet about the uggs came up.  how funny is that.

still loving twitter in amsterdam!

p.s.  our server was wearing uggs and make sure you click on the picture with the woman’s bag to see what it says

p.s.s. found the best chocolate in amsterdam is in our hood.  this is how they serve a hot chocolate.


think ahead when you go out in the rain
10/05/09, 11:48 pm
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i brought my raincoat and cute rainboots but didn’t think to wear them today.  ventured out on bikes to explore the 9 streets (de 9 straatjes).  bought my first pair of legwarmers in 09 at moscow (just in time for Fame this weekend).  LOVE THEM… watched paul and scott take pictures everywhere we went.  funny how a bike pops up in every pic, you can’t take a pic in this city without one in it. got some more street fashion and then the rain…

scott_paul _MG_4186 _MG_4183 _MG_4184 _MG_4195 copy IMG_0199

what women want
09/26/09, 11:14 am
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our first houseguest annelies.  she lived on queen anne by us for 3 years and brought crave party to the netherlands after hanging out with me when i first started crave.  we went to a party put on by marketing and communication org) called what women want. met melissa from crave utrecht and athalie from haarlem.   everyone wore red.  i don’t own one red thing so i went to bijenkorf the main dept. store and hunted for red leggings and this is what i came up with.   the highlight was… after the party was over we were surprised by infinity (the sponsor)  they drove us home in a $100,000 car!

IMG_0130IMG_0128IMG_0131IMG_0134IMG_0123IMG_0132 copy